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What Makes Each Sign Avoid You Suddenly?

    What Makes Each Sign Avoid You Suddenly?

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    Your behavior was too possessive too soon for an Aries’ tastes; Aries likes being challenged and setting their own pace within relationships; If they felt that you came on too strong then they may retreat you into seeking someone, so they can chase instead.


    You may seem uncertain or disoriented; therefore Taureans take offense easily when someone acts unpredictably or uncertain. Taureans crave stability above all things else so quickly become unnerved when someone’s behaviour becomes unstable or uncertain.


    You weren’t outgoing or not the playful enough one. Geminis want or like to go out and want to have a good time; they enjoy socializing and also they do exciting activities; if Gemini sensed you weren’t as adventurous or outgoing, they might perceive this as being unattractive compared to their energetic lifestyle and not compatible.


    Either you weren’t emotionally available enough or too guarded about sharing yourself emotionally; Cancer’s goal is to penetrate deeply into both emotions and psychology – so if they don’t find someone willing to provide this access for themselves they’ll move on in search of someone more suitable to do this with them.


    Your behavior was too dominant or boisterous or loud; these are typical Leo characteristics and it makes them uncomfortable when someone challenges their dominance or takes away some of their thunder – this only serves to increase competitiveness while diminish romantic love!


    Your lack of passion regarding life or career was noticeable to Virgos; no indication was shown as to your ambition or drive, which they appreciate immensely. They tend to gravitate toward people with their lives in order who know where they wish to be in 10 years – those unable to provide such answers won’t hear back from a Virgo again!


    Libra is known to appreciate positive and optimistic people; someone who sees hope even amid tragedy. Librarians look for those who strive for happiness no matter the obstacles in their path and live their best life despite any hardship.


    Scorpios often crave attention and thrive around people that give them validation of their egos; perhaps your conversation wasn’t giving them that boost of energy they sought or you seemed disinterested so they went their separate ways?


    You didn’t enthusiastically agree with their crazy date idea or solo adventure idea, or encourage them to try bungee jumping or sky diving – something which attracts Sagittarians more because these individuals thrive when taking risks and trying new experiences; without giving off this vibe they probably won’t like spending time with you again.


    You were not showing your vulnerable side. Capricorns tend to gravitate more toward those they can help or save; their primary objective in life is providing assistance, caregiving for others and making life better – when that cannot happen they feel incomplete and feel helpless about life itself.


    You didn’t take their breath away. Aquarians are dreamers who find pleasure in captivating conversations, depths and art that completely transports them away. Unfortunately if your conversations were shallow and brief without much substance then chances are Aquarians won’t feel the excitement they do when talking with someone they find appealing; either admire you or ignore you; there will likely be no in between for either party!


    You didn’t make them feel safe enough to open up and share their deepest fears and secrets with you. Pisces tends to find it difficult to trust people; therefore, those who make them feel as though their secrets will remain safe will be particularly appreciated by this signatory; someone who won’t judge or shame them about any less-than-ideal choices can help build rapport faster with this signatory.