Zodiac Signs Ranked According To How Picky/Cheap They Are

Leos are frequently blamed for being excessively choosy. They seek a person with all three qualities: wealth, good appearance, and personality. They won't accept someone who merely possesses two of the three qualities.


Small things are deal breakers in this sign's eyes. When they first catch the sight of a red flag, they are going to leave someone behind. They place too much importance on their time to spend it on the wrong person.


Libras keep extensive to-do lists. They require someone who can make them laugh, regardless of hair or eye color. one who is a good cook. someone who is enthusiastic.


Capricorns are self-sufficient. They don't mind being single because they can take care of themselves. That implies that they won't ask you out unless they think you'd make a good match.


Virgos have a limited tolerance for unfair treatment. They might spend some time pursuing someone who isn't interested in them.


However, they will depart once they realize they are the second option and the only one making an effort.


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