Your Zodiac Sign and Your Friendship Style

The fearless Aries always looks for new and interesting people to hang out with and never has any trouble making friends.


Who wouldn't want that? Taurus may add a lot of stability and foundation to a friendship. Nothing makes a Taurus happier than giving their pals a safe haven.


Geminis are accustomed to being social butterflies, but their tendency to flit from one person to another can occasionally make it difficult for them to establish long-lasting relationships.


The first step in making new friends is to follow your instincts since cancers are excellent character judges. Does someone seem cool even though you initially found them to be a little distant?


Leos are naturally extroverted and don't mind social situations, but watch out for intimidating others with your gung-ho attitude.


Virgos are excellent communicators, but they can also experience shyness and anxiety around new people, which makes it difficult for them to express themselves and form connections.


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