Your Parenting Approach According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries are severe enforcers of discipline. You must be careful to enforce the law in a way that conveys care and concern because discipline is beneficial as long as it is not administered too severely.


You can be strict because of your aggressive and obstinate personality, but only when it comes to the vital things.


You made a promise to yourself as a child that you would never do to your children what your parents did to you.


You perceive your child as a mirror image of yourself, which is partially accurate but not totally.


You are the most passionate and loving type of parent in the zodiac since you have a tendency to have emotions.


As a fire sign determined by the sun, the Lion falls under the authoritative/authoritarian category of parenting.


You are more inclined to be on the permissive/uninvolved side of parenting because you are aware that your kids are very different from you.


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