Why It Is Difficult For Each Astrological Sign To Leave Toxic People

You are aware of your short fuse and propensity towards exaggeration. You're concerned that after it's over, you'll regret leaving.


You seek out any affection you can because you feel unlovable. even if it comes from someone who mistreats you.


You find it difficult to read people. Before it's too late, you never realize someone is toxic.


You always believe that you are to blame. You hold yourself responsible for mistakes made by others.


You are prone to attachments. There is no going back once you've fallen in love. Even though you try to distance yourself, you are unable to.


You think that people can alter. You don't just go right away, you give them an opportunity to show you they are worth it.


Everyone is admirable in your eyes. You overlook their flaws and emphasize their virtues.


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