Why Flirting Is Hard for Each Sign

When you're trying to be playful and don't want to unintentionally drive the other person away, you can come across as nasty when you're attempting to flirt, which makes it difficult at times.


You may find it challenging to flirt if you constantly analyze your every move and phrase to the point that you eventually psych yourself out.


You may find it challenging to flirt at times since you are kind to everyone and find it difficult to convey your desire for a relationship with this individual.


You sometimes find it difficult to flirt since you have problems with self-confidence and constantly think your crushes are out of your league.


You may find it difficult to flirt at times because you are obstinate and expect the other person to initiate contact in order to demonstrate their interest in you.


Because you are shy, you may occasionally find it difficult to flirt because the idea of approaching someone (or contacting them first) makes you queasy.


Sometimes it's difficult to flirt because you feel uncomfortable putting on a show, but you feel like you can't be truly yourself until you get to know them.