Why Every Signs Crush Is Still "Just Friends" With Them

You're reluctant to get married to someone you adore deeply. You worry about having your heart broken.


You're worried about damaging your friendship. You worry that if you split up, your relationship will never be the same.


You worry that they don't share your sentiments. You worry that you have misread all of their signs.


You worry that you function better with buddies. You worry that it won't seem proper to kiss them.


You're concerned that your emotions outweigh theirs. You're concerned that they won't reject your request for a date out of concern for your feelings.


You're hesitant to ask them out since it would be risky. You're worried that the date won't go as well as it does in your thoughts every time.


You worry that they'll mistake you for a sister. You worry that they won't want to pursue things with you further.