Why Each Sign Benefits From Strong Relationships

Because you always give your all and wouldn't slack off when it comes to treating your partner well, you do well in committed partnerships.


Because you are constant in your actions and will make your partner feel unique every day, not only on special occasions, you function well in committed partnerships.


Because you listen well and actually care about what people are saying and how they are feeling at any given time, you function effectively in committed partnerships.


You make a great teammate and are always willing to assist your partner, even when doing so makes life more difficult for yourself, which is why you perform well in committed relationships.


Because you are faithful and won't betray or abandon someone you have promised to treat correctly, you do well in committed partnerships.


Because you don't do anything halfway and want to offer your partner all the love and affection in the world, you do best in committed partnerships.


You work well in committed relationships because you expect connections to be permanent and are willing to fight to keep them strong instead of moving on as soon as there’s a minor problem.