Why Each Horoscope Won't Be Depressed For Long After a Breakup

Since you are a warrior, you will continue to move on even when all hope seems lost in the hopes that one day it will come back and you will once again realize how valuable you are.


Because of your obstinate nature, you won't give up on trying to find love or happiness after one failed attempt.


Because you have a positive outlook on life, even though your relationship didn't last as long as you had anticipated, you will still be able to appreciate its beauty and teachable moments.


You believe that the right person is out there and that, if you keep looking, you'll eventually find them since you're a romantic.


Because you recognise your own potential and are aware that you are meant for greater than this suffering, you are resilient and will always recover.


You have good character, therefore you have surrounded yourself with nice friends who will support you while you endure this suffering and emerge from it stronger than ever.


Because you are optimistic, you believe that everything is going according to plan and that you would be happier without this person than you would be with them.


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