What Time Will The First Move Be Made By Each Zodiac?

Every time you get a new crush, you'll initiate contact without even thinking through your words since you act on impulse and pursue your goals without hesitation.


When you are absolutely certain that the other person feels the same way about you and that they want you, you will make the first move.


You're bold and don't want to miss an opportunity, so anytime you see someone attractive, you'll strike first.


When you realize that the other people aren't going to ask you out and that the only way you'll get into a relationship is if you take the lead yourself, then and only then, will you make the first move.


When you've spent ages dropping cues that you're interested in someone and they still aren't picking them up, you'll make the initial move.


Because you want everything to go smoothly, you won't initiate action until you feel the timing is appropriate.


When you realize that this individual and you have a special connection that deserves to be explored further, you'll take the initiative because if you don't, you'll always regret it.


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