What Each Zodiac Needs To Know About Self-Love For The Remainder Of 2023

The way we believe others should love us is not the way they actually do. They're coming to organize a healing ritual where we'll learn to accept ourselves.


You're free to outgrow the life you first desired. Even if those places only exist in your mind and emotions, you are not obligated to stay where you no longer want to be.


You are not the things that keep you awake at night. You are not the mistakes you have made. You are not the hurt you have endured.


You are not the love you have lost. You are not your tired bones. These things are part of you, but they are not all of you. Be careful of what you let define you.


Your ability to be alone speaks to your potential for love.


You are not flawless. You are a human. In any case, that is much more fascinating.


You will receive all the affection you have misdirected towards the wrong people.