Tom Holland Is Not With Marvel Entertainment

Now, Tom Holland is generally not more associated with the Marvel Entertainment.

Don't be a snitch, Spider-Man as there's a brand new young, bright, and wide-eyed girl fighting with the old-fashioned veterans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 

and her name is Kamala Khan (or Ms. Marvel in case you're being cruel). Don't be a jerk, Peter Parker. 

As per Screen Rant, now that the life-changing events of Spider-Man"No Way Home have led Peter Parker to grow up, 

Marvel wants fresh blood to play the part as the child who is determined to discover their place in the world of monsters and gods. 

The justification behind this is that Peter Parker has grown up because of the occasions in Spider Man - No Way Home. 

At this time, the person Kamala comes into the story who is as played by Iman Vellani.

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