Their Astrological Sign Explains Why They're Covering Their True Feelings

Since they feel vulnerable, Aries often repress their feelings. Their entire physical presence has been created to imply power, movement, and offensive placement.


Taurus is going to keep disagreeing with you until they've neglected what first triggered the argument. To save face or to try to make a point, they will conceal the fact that they are sorry and wish to make up.


Gemini will hold their emotions under check in order to not let others down. They struggle to say no, therefore they frequently take on more than they can handle.


They choose not to discuss it because they don't want to revisit or experience those emotions. They want to be recognised for how far they've come rather than the negative experiences they've tried to forget.


Leo hides their true emotions because they want to be loved. You can't be honest about who drives you nuts or who annoys you when your social circle is so large.


Virgo will hide their true feelings since they are afraid to ask for love. They are experts at working things out on their own, but when it comes to requesting assistance, consideration, or affection, they become paralyzed.


Because of their dedication to ethical conduct, Libra will conceal the adrenaline junkie that resides within them.


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