The Five Zodiac Signs That Need to Improve Their Bad Temper

You personify going from "0 to 100 real quick." You behave like a rocket erupting into a violent explosion when provoked.


Try counting to 10 (or 100, if necessary), Aries, before unleashing your inner Ram.


Taurus, while you should value your stability and dedication, when your temper flares up, you turn into an unstoppable bull in a china shop.


You are renowned for having strong feelings and being loyal, but when your temper takes control, the same fervor may cause some epic volcanic explosions.


The intrepid explorer and everlasting optimist of the zodiac, Sagittarius, you may also be a blazing fire sign who can start a fire that will burn everything in its path if your patience runs thin.


Leo, you are charming and upbeat, and you win people over everywhere you go. However, be careful when your ego gets hurt. Leo, we know you want to shout since you are the king or queen of the jungle.


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