The Current Reality Check for Each Horoscope

When you're feeling bad, come out of the sadness-filled cave you've created for yourself and speak to somebody you have faith in rather than completely cutting off communication with everyone you know.


There are two types of homebodies: the homebody and the little house goblin that you occasionally become. When you're in a rut, doing virtually anything else is preferable to staying glued to the couch.


Although you may take pride in your keen observational abilities, you are in danger of having a full-blown overthinking-induced collapse. End it. Go to sleep. Sip a cup of chamomile tea.


When perhaps all you wanted to do was nap on it, each little thing made you believe it's the end of the world. Save the tension for when it means most.


You've probably observed that occasionally, those close to you become angry with you. Recognise the common factor and learn some tact if people's feelings are harmed while you are present.


Why don't you take those who praise you seriously? They really do mean it! If you truly accept praise, I can assure you that you won't burst into flames.


Conflict need not be this huge, terrifying beast. Tell them when you're angry or when you don't want to see them anymore, Libra, and use your words.