The Character That Influences Each Horoscope the most

Your peers have the most influence on you because you constantly feel like you're competing with them and want to progress faster than they do so that you can be considered "the best."


You are most influenced by those who don't like you because you want to prove them wrong and succeed despite everything they say about you.


Your number one big names for the most part affect you since you respect them and accept that your life would be boundlessly improved assuming you were more similar to them.


Because you want to make decisions that will make them happy and because you work together, you respect all of their input, your partner has the most influence over you.


You are most influenced by society as a whole because you believe the lies told by movies and TV shows and feel pressured to achieve certain goals by a certain age.


Because you want to be like them and believe that because they are older and wiser, they must know more than you, you are most influenced by your teachers and mentors.


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