The Astrological Signs' Recovery Pathways After Heartbreak

As many people as they can date. They keep telling themselves they are a catch and won't be satisfied until they find a person who loves them the same way they love themselves.


They firmly believe in the concept of "out of sight, out of mind," and they take care to avoid any small item that can serve as a reminder or trigger for particular memories.


It's simpler for them to process the loss that way rather than shutting off all communication altogether, so they continue to keep things civil and amicable until they have fully moved on.


Although they don't actually move on, they do learn to live without that person and have trust that what is intended to happen will.


They've figured out how to manage their suffering and carry on as they did before that person entered their life.


They become absorbed in the adventure. To vent their rage, they sign up for anything risky, dangerous, or exhilarating. They take out their wish list and begin crossing items off.


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