The 6 Signs of the Zodiac That Find It Difficult To Express Their Feelings

You don't feel particularly apprehensive about sharing yourself, but you only want to present the greatest version of yourself, and you find it challenging to define that.


When it comes down to it, you would really like to be vulnerable and forthright, but just the concept of it makes you queasy.


You're not unfamiliar with passion, investigation, and great emotion qualities that are frequently linked to being honest with oneself and one's emotions.


You simply don't understand the benefit of being open; it's not that you're afraid of it. Your thoughts are frequently absorbed by the world, which you perceive as being larger than yourself.


When it comes to your interactions with other people, you project a harsh exterior and seem detached.


However, you do have a soft place, and you want to show it to people when you feel secure and at ease with them.


Being open is not necessarily a problem for you because you are a very caring and grounded sign, but it must be done on your terms.