Some of the Most Cheating Zodiac Signs, Most to Least

Due to their propensity for flirting, a lot of individuals are wary of starting partnerships with Libras. And perhaps they have good reason to be wary.


She prefers to have options because Gemini women can be rather indecisive, and if there is still anything you are offering her that she wants to hold onto, she will keep you around to acquire it.


Capricorn seeks to get the most out of relationships in order to achieve a very precise goal. This indicates that she is seeking fulfillment, assistance, stability, and possibly status.


Taurus won't cheat because it's in her best interests to remain loyal to her lover. Taurus is indeed far too lethargic to even consider faking. But surely that's a positive thing. Perhaps selfless, but good.


The second least likely of all the zodiac signs to cheat, Cancer is unquestionably one of the most dependable signs.  Her family is her top priority, and she is constantly seeking dependable and emotional support.


She will do all in her power to make sure you start treating her like the queen she believes she is if you're not treating her with respect, and especially if she senses that you're starting to disregard her.


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