Ranking Of Astrological Signs: From Exciting Party Queens To Boring Wallflowers

It’s easy to find the party—just follow you. You’re like a bomb-sniffing dog when it comes to parties. But you’re an air sign and thus an airhead and are therefore very easily distracted.


You are entertaining and hilarious, carefree and reckless, often bored but never dull. Because you still have a half-dozen things to make before you collapse you are constantly on the go, the last to arrive at the party and the first to go.


You are so down for having fun that you get irrationally envious if someone else enjoys themselves more.


You disregard safety precautions, but you're cautious to make sure that you didn't unintentionally throw your purse out the window.


You dislike when progress is slow. No of the side effects, you are always open for new experiences. There was the time you traveled to Paris solely for a cheesecake piece.


And the time you bare dove into the ship's pool after jumping off a high board. Then there were all the crazy things you did that were inappropriate to talk about in front of others.


Even if you aren't enjoying yourself, it matters to you that other people think you are. You want to make people happy and arrive early and stay late at every function.


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