How You Will Be Ejected From Their Lives According to Each Zodiac Sign

They'll explode up if you push them just a little bit too far. The last time you hear from them will be after they get into a heated disagreement with you.


You'll be removed from Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Removing yourself from all social networking sites will help them stop thinking about you every time they use the internet, which is the first step in cutting you out of their lives.


They will intentionally do things to annoy you and are extremely poisonous. They will attempt to persuade you to leave first so that they won't have to bear the blame.


You won't be dropped. Even if keeping you around will only cause them to suffer continuously, they will keep you staying for more time than they should.


They'll say they can't see you because they are too busy. Rather than stating they don't want to see your face again, they will make a million excuses for why they can't hang out.


They will reply to your texts, but they won't send any more at first. When you need them, they will support you, but only unwillingly. You'll understand eventually and stop trying to find them.


They will initially give you a second chance. Then, no matter how hard you beg them to stay, they are going to leave you behind after you have injured them a second or third time.


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