How Relationships with Each Horoscope Typically Ended

Because you are driven, connections start out fiercely and end intensely. This is why they usually end in fire and flames.


Your relationships usually end in tears because you can't bear to part ways with someone who made such a significant impact on your life.


Because you fall hard and fast and lose interest soon once they do something you won't accept, your relationships usually terminate abruptly.


Because you believe that every love is your genuine love and the one you will be with forever, your relationships frequently come to an end in disappointment.


Because you won't give up on someone quickly and won't want to recognise that the relationship is truly gone, your partnerships usually end in disputes.


Because you are mature and polite enough to have difficult conversations without getting angry or blaming one another, your partnerships usually terminate amicably.


Your partnerships usually come to an end with a recognition and agreement that you function better separately than together.