How Every Astrological Signs Heart Breaks Itself

By putting your trust in people who have repeatedly broken your heart, you risk breaking it yourself.


By refusing to remove those who have shown they have no regard for your time or your heart, you destroy your own heart.


If you don't be honest with yourself about your sentiments, you'll shatter your own heart by acting as though everything is alright while you're actually struggling internally.


By telling yourself you don't have a shot with someone before even giving the relationship a chance and seeing how they feel about you, you destroy your own heart.


By continuously rehearsing breakups and disputes in your thoughts instead of allowing yourself to move on and be happy, you damage your own heart.


By giving more than you receive, you hurt your own heart and let other people take advantage of you.


When you keep pursuing the same person and hope for a different outcome, you end up breaking your own heart.


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