How Each Sign of the Horoscope Decides Whether to break up

They contemplate whether they want to put up the effort necessary to maintain the connection and make you happy or whether they are simply not interested this time.


They question whether you are making an effort to be a good partner or whether you could give a damn about what they think of your decisions.


They question if you treat them like a teammate and an equal or whether you consistently conduct in a way that suggests you are in charge and have all the answers.


They question if you treat them with love and respect or whether you take advantage of their good nature.


They question whether you constantly treat them well or if you fluctuate between disappointing them and indulging them.


They ponder whether you share similar aspirations for the future or whether your ideas of what constitutes pleasure are utterly at odds.


They question whether you make them feel butterflies or whether you don't give a damn whether you spend time with them or not.