How each sign of the astrology destroys its own life without even attempting to

You'll get into a lot of problems because of your quick temper and headstrong personality. Sometimes the world you live in is one that nobody wants to be a part of.


You always feel the need to exert control over everybody and everything. And you vent your frustration on the people you care about when things don't go as planned.


By settling, you destroy your life. Because you don't know what you want, you settle for love. Because you are afraid of change, you make compromises in life.


You have a volatile emotional state and are prone to getting carried away with your feelings for others.


When you believe you've found the proper person, you may at times put them before yourself and show them a bit more love than is necessary.


By keeping your feelings hidden and locking yourself off, you damage your life. You wreck your life by believing that weakness is a sign of vulnerability.


You are really skilled at acting callous and like you don't give a damn.


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