How Each Sign Describes Chemistry

You understand that having chemistry means you complete one another and bring out the best in one another, which results in ongoing support for one another's development.


You define chemistry as being playful with one another, making jokes about one another, and bringing out the carefree, light side of one another.


You define chemistry as the ability to carry on a conversation for hours about anything and everything without encountering any awkward silences.


You define chemistry as being on the same page and exerting equal effort because you both genuinely care about one other.


You define chemistry as being totally at ease with someone, letting your guard down around them, and being your most genuine self.


Because you naturally joke around and get along easily without having to put on an act, chemistry to you indicates not having to try as extremely difficult.


You can't keep your hands off each other, so to you, chemistry implies continual attention and affection.