Horoscope Today May 7, 2023

Take on any possibilities for social engagement that come today, Aries, and only switch if it meets the needs you desire.

1. Aries

Don't strive to do something that others suggest you should.

1. Aries

Not every person we come into touch with today is going to have the best interests of others at heart.

2. Taurus

You are somewhat of a maverick in daily life, an expert on everything, and you like being in the thick of the social whirl, Taurus.

2. Taurus

When you are compelled to clarify your alternatives and your current thinking, it will expose the fragile nature of a lot of your worries.

3. Gemini

So, Cancer, you may not receive the answer you seek right away, but you may wait or discover fresh energy for your thoughts.

4. Cancer

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