From Rookie Center John Michael Schmitz, What The Giants Will Receive  

The New York Giants could have finally discovered their franchise center after selecting

Minnesota's John Michael Schmitz with the 57th overall choice in the 2023 NFL draft in Kansas City on the night of Friday.

What does this imply for the Giants, and what role will Schmitz play?

Bobby Johnson, the Giants' offensive line coach, must be spinning cartwheels along Paterson Plank Road this morning after Schmitz,

largely considered as the best center in this year's draft class, dropped into the Giants' lap in the second round.

"I admire Coach Johnson. I spend a lot of my time with him as a worker obviously because of the pro day and the meal beforehand. It was amazing to connect with him.

"He's a good coach, and I'm so happy to be a part of what he is doing with his offensive line," Schmitz told reporters.

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