Diet drinks might appear healthy, but they actually include a lot of calories hidden in the form of chemicals, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners that give them an energy boost.

Diet soda

The term "maida," or refined flour, refers to flour that is produced by milling the fibrous bran and starchy white portion of the grain.

Refined flour-based foods

There are two varieties of instant noodles: fried and air-dried. Since frying produces a more in keeping taste and extends shelf life, about 80% of the instant noodles sold in retains are fried.

Instant noodles

However, frying also results in a 15%–20% rise in the fat found in instant noodles.

Instant noodles

Corn syrup solids, sugar, and molasses (read: even more sugar) are among the starchy ingredients utilized in peanut butter to replace the fat that would often be found in reduced-fat peanut butter spread.

Low-fat peanut butter

Since no research has been done on the long-term effects of artificial sweeteners on either children or adults, no long-term investigations have been done on children who have grown up using them.

Artificial sweeteners

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