Five Ice Cream Chains That Only Use Premium Ingredients

The outstanding soft-serve produced by Big Gay Ice Cream, which uses only natural milk, cream, sugar, and "a small amount of invisible emulsifier," is its most well-known product.

Big Gay Ice Cream

The only ingredients the company utilizes for its ice cream bases are fresh milk, fresh cream, sugar, and egg yolks (for their renowned vegan ice creams, coconut, cashews, and oats). This is the excellent stuff he's referring to.

Van Leeuwen

Fresh fruits and vegetables, milk from family-run farms, Fair and Direct Trade chocolate, vanilla, and coffee are among the finest components used in the ice creams, which are produced from scratch using these and other premium ingredients.


All of the ice creams are made in five- to ten-gallon batches using Chino's 100-year-old, family-run Scott Brothers Dairy's 100% natural cream.

Salt & Straw

It results in high-butterfat ice cream that is devoid of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Salt & Straw

Stabilisers, fillers, and preservatives are absent, giving the brand the distinction of producing the "cleanest ice cream in the industry.


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