Each Astrological sign is this type of introvert

You're an energetic introvert. Because you don't fit the typical stereotype of an introverted person, you actually despise the term "introvert."


You're a self-sufficient introvert. You don't appear to require others in the same way that other people do.


You don't give a damn what people think of you and you have never needed a support system; you are perfectly capable of completing any task on your own.


You are an intensely introverted person. You have several interests, and it's been almost seven years since you were bored. You feel this world is an exciting place to be when you awaken each morning.


You are the adoring recluse. It's challenging to have such a strong love for others and such a strong yearning for solitude. You're constantly concerned that isolating yourself from others would make them feel bad.


The selective introvert is you. Although you love working with people, you don't particularly enjoy being with them.


Additionally, you should always check to see if you are receiving what you need from the interactions you have with others.


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