Dog Breeds With the Fluffiest Coats You'll Want to Cuddle

The Great Pyrenees is an elegant giant of the canine world and is distinguished by its thick, double, white coat.

Great Pyrenees

A double coat consists of an underneath that is short and soft and an overcoat that is deeper and harsher.

Great Pyrenees

The Golden Retriever is named for its thick, lustrous, double coat, which is golden in color.

Golden Retriever

Regular brushing out is required for goldies because they shed significantly a couple of times a year and moderately the rest of the time.

Golden Retriever

The Chow Chow is evidence that not every dog with lengthy fluffy coats requires a lot of upkeep, which is a good thing.

Chow Chow

The large, gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog has a tricolored (jet black, white, and rust) dual coat that is mostly fluffy and relatively long.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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