Depending on your astrological sign, this is the age at which you'll learn the most regarding love

You'll come to the realization that you know nothing in your 20s until you've experienced enough breakups and have finally found one. In your late 30s, you should expect to discover real love.


You won't realize you need to find someone who is equally enamored with the homebody life until you're in your 40s. but where do you find them? Your closeness will be evident to everyone.


You'll learn a lot regarding love in your twenties after experiencing your first major heartache. Up until then, you were the heartbreaker.


You won't fully understand how devastating it is to have the love of your life ruin what you thought was so ideal until you're ultimately on the other side.


It's possible for you to think that you understand love before you reach 18, but that's not truly the case. You'll have a number of opportunities in life to acquire a significant lesson about love.


There are instances when you have to go through numerous failures before you ultimately learn your lesson. Before you realize the errors you're making in love, you'll be in your early to mid-40s.


You don't need to experience repeated failures in order to learn something, in contrast to some of the other zodiac signs on this list. You're going to leave your first significant long-term relationship.