According to your astrological sign, who should be your patron?

Lions like Aries. They both make excellent leaders because they are assertive, powerful, courageous, and aggressive.

Aries: Lion

Bears and Taureans are actually incredibly emotionally intelligent and sympathetic creatures hidden behind their tough exterior. The sensitive side of them will emerge once they have gained someone's trust.

Taurus: Bear

Being sociable beings, geminis. They enjoy exploring new locations, trying novel experiences, and getting to know new people. They are intelligent and vibrant, just like a dolphin.

Gemini: Dolphin

When it comes to their family, which is similar to a wolf and its pack, cancers are incredibly loving creatures. To maintain the closeness of the individuals they care about, they may exhibit overpowering behavior and manipulation.

Cancer: Wolf

Leos are arrogant beings, much like a peacock. They enjoy being adored, have a flare for the dramatic, and frequently pursue their goals because they feel they are deserving of them.

Leo: Peacock

Elephants are among the smartest creatures and Virgos are one of the smartest astrological signs. They are both peaceful giants.

Virgo: Elephant

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