According To Your Astrological Sign, This Is The Creepiest Fact About You

You frequently consider your own mortality. You consider what might happen if you were to walk in front of a moving car as you commute to class.


You also consider what would happen if you jerked your steering wheel to the right while you are driving. You're obsessed with dying.


You stalk people. Looking through Instagram and TikTok profiles might take hours. Additionally, if the person in the photo is your ex or your crush.


You can look through all of that person's content by finding their page. Perhaps you'll 'accidentally' cross paths with them at their workplace or preferred coffee shop.


You are an adept liar. You can invent unfounded tales and get people to accept them. Sometimes, lying is something you do for fun. only to test your ability to get away with it. You always do, too.


You become fixated. When you start dating someone, they take over your entire life. You are the kind of person that would slap your partner for betraying you and wouldn't feel any regret later.


You may occasionally envision your own funeral. You try to guess who would arrive first. whose sobs would be the loudest.