According to your astrological sign, the one quality your soul partner must have

Your soul partner requires endurance. Your lack of patience is one of your faults, and you may be a quite impetuous person. You rush ahead without stopping to consider, which could bring you into danger.


Your soul mate must be skilled at reaching agreements. You value long-term relationships greatly, and one way you demonstrate this trait is by prioritizing the needs of your spouse over your own.


Your soul mate must be an excellent communicator. You easily grow bored, and quiet companions are your worst nightmare. You need someone with whom you can have in-depth chats.


Your soul mate must be an attentive listener. You are the sign that expresses your emotions the most out of all the others. You require a spouse who would listen sympathetically while you rant when something is wrong in your life.


Your soulmate requires faith. You enjoy being noticed. No matter where it comes from, as long as it's positive, you'll enjoy it.


Your soul mate must be on time. Your reputation for having your entire life under control is not a coincidence. While you shouldn't associate with someone who lacks motivation or drive.


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