According to Your Astrological Sign, Find Out Which Barbie or Ken You Are

Your passionate and lively energy, Aries, is unstoppable! You have an inherent capacity to lead and are prepared to command attention on stage.

Aries: Glam Rocker Barbie

Taurus, you're a sensuous person that appreciates the better things in life, especially music. You can play your way into your loving fans' hearts as Musician Ken.

Taurus: Musician Ken

Gemini, you never run out of interesting tales to tell or amusing banter to exchange. You're in the zone as Author Barbie, spinning tales with thrilling turns.

Gemini: Author Barbie

Dreamy Cancer, you've always had a deep affinity for the emotional ocean. You are free to discover the fascinating underwater world as Mermaid Barbie and make mates with a variety of aquatic species.

Cancer: Mermaid Barbie

Leo, you are the best candidate for the nation's highest position due to your inherent charisma and leadership skills! As President Barbie, you'll improve the world while adding a dash of glitz and style to the White House.

Leo: President Barbie

Virgo, the perfectionist, you are the ideal choice to be Doctor Barbie because of your keen awareness of detail and compassionate attitude. You're prepared to heal the world one person at a time while wearing scrubs and a stethoscope.

Virgo: Doctor Barbie

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