According to Their Zodiac Sign I'm Only Dating You If...

Only if you can handle the excitement will I date you. Unfortunately, Aries have a tendency to get bored easily. They have a lot of energy and are go-getters.


Only if you feel at home with me will I date you. Taurus is more of a homebody than other signs, which tend to crave frequent adventure. They enjoy remaining in familiar surroundings.


Only if you have excellent conversational abilities would I consider dating you. A Gemini may be won over with fantastic banter in no time. You'll be OK if you can handle their rapid tongue and constant flirtation.


I won't date you until you have good listening skills. Cancers have intense emotions, and they need to feel at ease discussing them with the person they are dating.


I won't date you until you're skilled at communicating your emotions. Leos require affirmation that they are amazing. They will assume the worst if they have any reason to wonder.


Only if you let me take the initiative will I date you. Virgos enjoy having control. They give their actions a lot of thinking and preparation.


Only if you don't leave me in the dark will I date you. Since their minds tend to jump to results if there is any room for doubt, Libras prefer relationships that are straightforward and simple.


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