6 prominent musicians that support Trump

Throughout his career, Kid Rock has performed in a variety of musical genres. He has also been among Trump's most ardent supporters ever since his first campaign started.

Kid Rock

Lil Wayne has a long history as a record producer, rapper, vocalist, and composer. He has also expressed his ardent support for the former president in a number of Tweets and online posts.

Lil Wayne

With songs like "Gucci Gang," among others, Lil Pump made a tremendous impact on the music industry. Since before Donald Trump was elected president, Lil Pump has supported the previous president on social media.

Lil Pump

Since the outset, Gene Simmons has been an outspoken backer of Donald Trump and is rumored to do so even now.

Gene Simmons

Ted Nugent has always been outspoken about his political opinions, including those related to gun control. He has also backed Donald Trump wholeheartedly from the beginning.

Ted Nugent

Robert Davi has often said that he backs Trump because he thinks the billionaire has the best chance of turning around our faltering nation.

Robert Davi

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